Our Vision

The Journey to finding our Purpose, Our Why...

Well, how do you describe the journey to finding "why" to do something?
Why do you want to get up each day and do the things you do?
Ultimately, people go to work or own a business to make money but there are more deeper reasons why we do what we do everyday. The deepness has to come from your emotions and how you feel about taking action doing anything.

So I asked my team and here is everything they said. This is why they get up each day and make swimwear.

Trinny loves it coz it's how she dreamed the togs would look, but better. She loves her friends wearing them and her sister. She loves drawings the pictures of the next pair of togs. She loves everyone being happy in the waves.

Debbie does it because it is challenging, she learns everyday, she loves designing, she loves working as a team with all of us, and applying all her skills in every aspect of each swimsuit.

Lucy does it because she loves bringing fabric to life to a finished product. It gives her satisfaction. The colours & textures stimulates creativity in every piece. It makes her feel like she is "growing".

For me, I love doing this as I can see the joy it brings to our gorgeous girls in our lives and their families. I love bringing Trinny's designs to life and making other girls happy. It makes our girls more confident in the surf by having a modest swimsuit that stays on securely and look and feels amazing. We are helping support cleaning up the oceans by using recycled fabric from the Healthy Seas Project.


Our Vision is to become NZ's leading girls swimwear brand, designed and made locally using sustainable and recycled fabric.

We believe in using and supporting the Healthy Seas Project by using recycled old fishing nets made into our fabric.

We believe in supporting young talented designers, like Trinny, to lead this new generation into future business and promote healthy sports in the water.

Photos represent our fabric coming "from the ocean back into the ocean"