My Story


Aloha! I'm Trinity, 16 years of age, living in the beautiful little beach town of Magical Mangawhai NZ with my family. One of my favourite things about living in Mangawhai is surfing and swimming with my friends at the beach. When I'm not doing that, you'll often find me drawing or talking about designs for "togs".
My journey began when I was driving my family crazy with all my "tog-talk" to the point that Mum suggested we make up some of my designs & now here we are.
My friends really liked my new togs and asked me where I bought them as they hadn't seen them in the surf shops. So, I've set up this online "surf shop" shop so friends my age can play in the waves wearing these togs too.
Enjoy "surfing" through my site. 
With love Trinity. 


UPF 50+ sun protection
Shape retention
Chlorine resistant 4.5 times
Colourfast and doesn't fade
Maximum durability
Made from recycled products
Extra strength and outstanding quality
Our togs are made in NZ by Kiwis


This non for profit organisation includes the recovery of fishing nets by volunteer divers and their storage in special facilities and recycling plants. They get recycled into nylon crystals, then nylon thread then nylon swim wear fabric for Trinitys Swimwear!
Check out their website: 
Healthy Seas Project